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Safety operation rules for concrete mixer truck

Sep 20, 2017

1, before driving, check the vehicle condition seriously to ensure the vehicle can be driving safely.
2, when the concrete mixer truck is parking in the open air, mixing cylinder should be reversed before charging the material, the water and debris should be discharged to ensure the quality of concrete.
3, in the transport of concrete, ensure that the inclined trough is placed firmly, to prevent waving caused by loosening, while paying attention to avoid the concrete overflow pollute the ground.
4, the concrete mixer truck transport concrete time can not exceed the provisions time of concrete batching plant. On the way of transport concrete, the mixing cylinder shall not be a long time stop, to prevent the phenomenon of segregation. The driver should always observe the situation of concrete, if it is abnormal and notification of the main control room timely, apply for processing.
5, if the truck is equipped with concrete, the stagnation time in the field shall not exceed 1 hour, if it is overtime should require to give timely treatment immediately.
concrete mixer truck

6, if the concrete mixer truck transport non-pumping material, from the concrete into the tank to discharge, the time should not exceed 2 hours with high temperature, the concrete must be discharged if the time is more than 2 hours. In rainy weather, the temperature is low,the time is no more than 2.5 hours.
7, before the discharge of concrete, the stirring cylinder should be rotate with speed of 10-12 r / min for 1 minute, and then nesting.
8, After finish the discharging material, use the water hose to rinse inlet, the hopper and the chute and other parts clean. Drain dirt and residual concrete that sticks throughout the body to keep the vehicle clean.
9, In transport process, if the driver found unusual circumstances in the site, roads, vehicles, should promptly notify the main control room, scheduling, the team and other relevant departments, to adjust the production response in advance.
10, vehicle drivers should be carefully filled daily traffic and other related records.

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