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HDT5401THB-48/5 boom pump
HDT5401THB-48/5 boom pump
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High quality boom pump trucks are used for concrete pumping projects ranging from residential swimming pools, floors and foundations to large scale commercial concrete floors and walls. The time and labor saved by using a HDT5401THB-48/5 boom pump to place the concrete on these hard to reach projects make using them an easy choice.

A high quality boom pump truck can range in size from single axle, suitable for confined areas where maneuvering is limited, to ten axle pump trucks used for large scale projects where long reach is needed.

Convenience, time savings, and ease of pour are just a few words that describe using a pump truck with a long boom that can reach 100 feet or more.

A high quality boom pump truck usually stays in one place for the entire pour thanks to the long reach of the boom. This makes for fast, efficient concrete placements where, on most job-sites, the concrete is poured from one hose attached to the end of the boom, also called "dangle pumping".

Technical parameters of HDT5401THB-48/5 boom pump:

output in theory  m3/h HDT5401THB-48/5
index of the pump carry capacity Mpa.m3/h 125
theoretic pumping pressure Mpa 586
bucket volume L 8.5
height of top surface of bucket mm 700
model of distribution valve   1400
max. operation radius m S Valve
max. operation height m 43.7
max. operation depth m 47.7
open height of boom mm 34.3
distance between front landing legs mm 9065
distance between rear landing legs mm 9780
distance between front & rear landing legs mm 9860
diameter of delivery pipe mm 9470
length of hose pipe m 125
rotary range of boom   3
quantity of boom   365°
rotary angle of each boom ° 5
wire line control distance m 91/180/180/180/270
romote control distance m 33
max. speed km/h 200
min. turn radius mm 85
brake distance m 12000
approach angle ° 10
departure angle ° 16
chassis model   11
wheel base between the first & the second axle mm HOWO ZZ5437S4667C(HOWO Engine)
wheel base between the second & the third axle mm 1800
wheel base between the third & the fourth axle mm 4600
front tread mm 1350
rear tread mm 2022
max. engine output power kw 1830
max. engine output torque n.m 275(2200r/min)
max, gradient ability % 1500 /(1100~1600 r/min)
fuel consumption L/100km 37
(××)out dimension(L×W×H) mm 40
total weight kg 13300×2500×4000

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