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  • HBT100 trailer concrete pump

    HBT100 trailer concrete pump provide smooth and reliable pumping, superior durability, unbeatable flexibility and exceptional convenience to meet the needs of even your most demanding job.

  • HBT90 trailer concrete pump

    HBT90 trailer concrete pump,electric trailer concrete pump using three pumps system, hydraulic circuit does not interfere with each other, the system operation has high stability and high reliability.

  • HBT80 trailer concrete pump

    HBT80 trailer concrete pump, trailer concrete pump manufacturers the unique open hydraulic system and hydraulic cushion technology contribute to the smaller exchange impact and less heat of the system

  • HBT60 trailer concrete pump

    HBT60 trailer concrete pump,diesel trailer concrete pump widely used in construction conditions like urban construction, bridge, power, and energy sources etc. email:

  • HDT5120THB truck-mounted concrete pump

    The HDT5120THB truck-mounted concrete pump has such functions as positive pumping, reversing pumping and inching. The conveying pipe is easy to clean and the concrete piston is very convenient to replace.

  • HDT5420THB-52/5 boom pump

    HDT5420THB-52/5 boom pump,boom pump suppliers,boom pump truck manufactures are self-contained units consisting of a truck and frame, and the pump itself.

  • HDT5401THB-48/5 boom pump

    HDT5401THB-48/5 boom pump,high quality boom pump truck,on most job-sites, the concrete is poured from one hose attached to the end of the boom, also called "dangle pumping".

  • HDT5401THB-45/5 boom pump

    HDT5401THB-45/5 boom pump,concrete mixer pump trucks are used for concrete pours for everything from slabs and medium high-rise buildings, to large volume commercial and industrial projects.

  • HDT5350THB-42/4 boom pump

    HDT5350THB-42/4 boom pump,concrete pump truck for sale the special design of hopper and vane reduces the space of mixing blind angle thus makes the machine suitable for many kinds of concrete.

  • HDT5291THB-25/4 boom pump

    The closed free fluid power system formed by concrete pump truck confluence has the features of large output, small depreciation and smooth commutation with no impact.

  • HDT5291THB-39/4 boom pump

    HDT5291THB-39/4 boom pumps are self-contained units consisting of a truck and frame, and the pump itself. More boom concrete pump information email:

  • HDT5291THB-37/4 boom pump

    HDT5291THB-37/4 boom pump,boom pump trucks for sale suitability for confined areas, and cost/performance value, to huge, six-axle rigs used for their powerful pumps and long reach on high-rise and other large-scale projects.

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