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HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck
HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck
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HM8-D concrete mixer truck introduction

HAOMEI serial concrete mixer trucks are HAOMEI's independently developed products on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced techniques. The product mainly applies to long-distance mixing transport of concrete mixture, effectively delay concrete coagulation, avoids concrete stratification and eduction, and ensures construction quality and speed.

Features of HM8-D concrete mixer truck

1. Long service life

Wuhan steel, Baoshan steel material, different thickness for different parts, wear-rib on blades. Service life is 1.5 times than average.

2. Unique structure

Revised logarithmic spiral blades, special mold cold press molding, to ensure speed of concrete feeding and discharging, concrete mixing is more uniform; Blades and drum body by new welding process without obvious trance.

3. Excellent assembly and manufacturing processes

CNC cutting equipment, Automation Welding Machine, Industrial Fixtures, Automatic robot welding production line, to ensure products quality.

4. Paten technology

Mixing blades, anti-torque secondary beam, water tank heating device, etc.

5. Bus baking varnish

Fifteen thousand square meters workshop for painting, 16 process baking system, polyurethane finish coat, to keep mixing tank bright and long lasting.

6. High-level configuration of hydraulic system

Hydraulic system adopt international top-brand, such as Germany, Italian, American brand with integral structure, excellent performance

7. Control system for operator

Adopts three-point control mode, that means operator can control the drum easily and conveniently, by control-bar on both rear-sides and in-cab device.

8. More humanization design

Large power tail-lamp at rear part, for night working and safety.

Self-locking in cab, to prevent from mistake operation and ensure security.

Step area adopt pressed steel and attractive appearance, reasonable handrail ensuring safety.

Smart equipment can be assembled on the truck mixer to meeting various clients’ requirement, for example, Remote Operation, Water Metering, Tank-input Sealing, etc

9. Multi types of Chassis Matched

The upper mixing drum capacity is from 3m3 to 20m3 all volume products.

The working process of HM8-D concrete mixer truck suppliers

Special HM8-D concrete mixer truck suppliers are made to transport and mix concrete up to the construction site. They can be charged with dry materials and water, with the mixing occurring during transport. They can also be loaded from a "central mix" plant, with this process the material has already been mixed prior to loading. The concrete mixing transport truck maintains the material's liquid state through agitation, or turning of the drum, until delivery. The interior of the drum on a concrete mixer truck suppliers is fitted with a spiral blade. In one rotational direction, the concrete is pushed deeper into the drum. This is the direction the drum is rotated while the concrete is being transported to the building site. This is known as "charging" the mixer. When the drum rotates in the other direction, the Archimedes' screw-type arrangement "discharges", or forces the concrete out of the drum. From there it may go onto chutes to guide the viscous concrete directly to the job site. If the truck cannot get close enough to the site to use the chutes, the concrete may be discharged into a concrete pump, connected to a flexible hose, or onto a conveyor belt which can be extended some distance (typically ten or more metres). A pump provides the means to move the material to precise locations, multi-floor buildings, and other distance prohibitive locations. Buckets suspended from cranes are also used to place the concrete. The drum is traditionally made of steel but on some newer trucks as a weight reduction measure, fibreglass has been used.

HM8-D concrete mixer truck technical parameters

Model  HM8-D
Mixing Drum Mixing capacity  8m³
Tank Volume 12.8m³
Feeding speed ≥3m³/min
Discharging speed ≥2m³/min
Residual ratio of discharging ≤0.5%
Water supply system Air pressure
Water tank volume 450
Truck Chassis Dimension 10150*2496*3960mm
Chassis model Meet your requirements
Engine power 340hp
Emission standard Chn Ⅲ
Overall weight 25000kg
Rated load 12600kg
Wheelbase 3225+1350mm
Approach angle 25°
Departure angle 13°
Maximum gradeability 30%

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