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QT15-15 block making machine
QT15-15 block making machine
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Block making machine for sale installation

Machines manufactured in accordance with the relevant provisions in the factory as a factory test, but due to reasons such as long distance transport and placement of long, block making machine installation should check the following:

1, check the machine for damage or deformation during transport (with particular attention to hydraulic pipes).

2 look up block making machine and picking up major parts of the fastener is loose.

3, check the gear reducer. Motion of the cylinders and lubrication points are in the required fuel, oil content is appropriate.

4, in addition to comprehensive swabbing the burning-free brick machine, test drive prior to the moving parts slide parts lubricated as required. If block making machine need to be disassembled for transport can be divided into forming device, send device, feeding devices, block devices, palletizing device, electronic device, installed according to the Assembly when the Assembly in place.

Block making machine safe operation

1, using block making machine, must be placed on a solid place, stand or leg tube steady, not to replace the tires support.

2, each time before start burning-free concrete block making machine for sale, should check the clutch, brakes, steel wire rope should be good, the drum must not have foreign objects.

3, pay attention to feed hopper rises, prohibited any traffic or stay in a hopper, brick after the completion of the hopper should be locked before you leave.

4, in the block machine operation, the tool into the drum is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid accidents.

5, is strictly prohibited without a license to operate, when leaving work without authorization is strictly prohibited.

6, machine maintenance, fixed the hopper, cut off the power.

7, the operator must read and understand instruction, familiar with the principles and procedures as required to operate the equipment, non-professional personnel must not be allowed to operate the equipment.

Main technical parameters of QT15-15 block making machine

Molding Cycle(s) Pallet Size(mm) Installed Capacity(kw) Weight(t) Machine Dimensions(mm) The Highest Frequency(r/min)
15-20 1320*1100*40 48 16 5700*2500*3400 4800-5100

Theoretical yield table of QT15-15 block making machine

Product Name Product Specifications(mm) Number Per Plate(Block) Block/Hour Blok/8 Hours
Block 390*190*190 15 2700 21600
Brick 240*115*90 40 9600 76800
Standard Bricks 240*115*53 80 19200 153600

Note: The above theory of output data, depending on the operating proficiency may be biased.

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