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  • QT3-15 block making machine

    QT3-15 block making machine:quick material feeding system Multi-shaft 360 degree rotary and mandatory feeding which greatly improves the density and intensity of the blocks as well as reduces the feeding time to gain efficiency.

  • QT4-15 block making machine

    The QT4-15 block making machine,clay brick making machine frame is made of super- strength steel and by special welding technology, the imported elements are applied widely, so that the stability and reliability of the machine in long term running are insu

  • QT6-15 block making machine

    QT6-15 block making machine,fully-automatic brick molding machine electrical control system uses PLC system, computer interface operation, random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and parameter setting, ensure the best working results.

  • QT8-15 block making machine

    QT8-15 block making machine,concrete block making machine suitable for: requires equipment of high quality, production requirements, the production product high strength concrete products can produce a variety of different users.

  • QT10-15 block making machine

    QT10-15 block making machine frame:high strength steel and special welding process, is extremely strong.Brick machine manufacturers

  • QT12-15 block making machine

    QT12-15 block making machine, automatic brick making machine can: Adapt to a variety of concrete block, brick, road along the brick, slope protection brick, river brick, pavement bricks, square bricks which the production needs.

  • QT15-15 block making machine

    Using QT15-15 block making machine, must be placed on a solid place, stand or leg tube steady, not to replace the tires support.concrete block making machine for sale

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