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Installation precautions of the concrete batch plant

Dec 18, 2017

As we all know, concrete batch plant is composed by the host mixer, the cement silo, the screw conveyor, the electric system and so on. During the installation of concrete batch plant, there are many precautions, want to know more, please go on reading!

concrete batch plant
1.For the installation of the mixer host, pad the plane under the mixer properly, connect the mixer host with the legs by hinges. After place the cement measurement, water measurement and admixture measurement well, we can adjust the host chassis to make it in horizontal position. Only when the center line of the outrigger is coincide with the root bottom, then you can poured the anchor bolts into the reserved hole(or welding the base and the pre-buried parts).
2.For the installation of the cement silo. Pouring the bolt to the bottom of the reserved pit, adjust the center line of the cement tank bracket coincides with the center line of the bottom, adjust the above four flanges on the same level, you can then pouring with concrete. Reserved pit casting concrete trademark should be higher than the base concrete. When used in winter construction, in order to shorten the construction period, the used concrete should be added antifreeze. After the concrete root has solid-fixated for 5-7 days, cement warehouse can be installed, when install the cement warehouse, need to use theodolite straightness measure the cement bin, the straightness is one thousandth of the height. In order to shorten the construction period, in the root infrastructure, embedded parts can also be used instead of anchor bolts to secure cement silos or mixers.
3.For the installation of other devices. After the installation of the host and cement silo is completed, the screw conveyor can be installed, before lifting, check the lubrication points filling oil and grease, do empty operation experiment to found problems and solutions. Install the batching machine according to the requirements of the base map, small batching machine placed on a solid foundation pier plane, large batching machine requires pouring anchor bolts. After the various mechanical devices are installed, check all the equipment of lubrication point to add lubricant (replace the appropriate low-temperature conditions of the lubricant in winter cold weather) or grease, then do wiring and empty work test according to the instructions and the electrical schematic.
After all finished, a set of concrete batching plant is complete! 

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